16 Bad Logo Designs that look Awkwardly Wrong


Logos designs build a memorable identity for your business or brand . A good Logo design will attract potential consumers and help you boost your sales and a Bad logo would just break it down   . Which is why it is always advisable to go for a professional logo designer instead of hiring an amateur logo designer who will do your logo for just $5 . You may ask what’s the difference between a professional graphic designer and an amateur . They all create just logos right ?

There is an reason why Big brands pay a lump sum amount to create their logos . A logo can make your brand famous or even make it infamous .

Here are 10 bad amateur logo designs that went awkwardly wrong and made a fool of their client,s business and brands . You definitely need to see all these bad logo designs to get an idea why you should hire a professional logo designer .


  1. SCUOLA DI MUSICA : The English translation for this term means ” School of music ” ,  There isn’t any way somebody is going to join their school , most probably their logo deign would scare everyone away .scuola-di-musica-bad-logo-design
  2. Arlington Pediatric Center : Don’t ever hurry up with your logo design or you are going up to end up with something like this .arlington-paediatric-center-bad-logo-design-awkward
  3. The Computer Doctors : These doctors are going to have a bad time getting any patients .
  4. MONT-SAT : this logo looks sure funny but its awkward at the same time .montsat-logo-fail
  5. MEGAFLICKS : A simple mistake in the placement of this logo and what an drastic error , a laughing matter for everyone passing by .magaflicks-logo-fail
  6. KUDAWARA Pharmacy : Kudawara-pharmacy-logo-fail
  7. Kids Exchange : All this logo is missing is a space between the letters , but again kids exchange ? a very bad barnd name for sur .kids-exchange-bad-logo-design
  8. Instituto de Estudos Orientais : Everything that looks good is actually not !instituto-de-orientalis-bad-logo-design
  9. Doughboys : No wonder why their pizzas’s are not selling too well , these guys surely need a logo makeover Asap !doughboys-bad-logo-designs
  10. Comprehensive Health Care : Another logo to lol at !comprehensive-health-care-logo-design-fail
  11. Clinica Dental : clinica-dental-bad-logo-design
  12. Catholic Church Youth Association : This was an actual logo designed in 1973 for the Catholic Church Association youth commission . It seems the 70’s people were very innocent ,  we wonder how did anyone not notice this ?catholic-church-association-logo-fail
  13. Bureau of Health Promotion : Oh yeah there promoting health awareness . we cant expect his kind of logos from an Government authority .Bureau-of-health-and-promotion-logo-fail
  14. BAZE Animal Clinic : baze-animal-clicnic-bad-logo-design
  15. We don’t know what this logo means , but surely this doesn’t look good .
  16. awkward-logo-design

We are sure this is how you don’t want your logos to end with . these funny logo design mistakes are big reason why you should go for a professional logo services instead of amateurs logo designers .

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