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Want to know about the latest trending articles on various social networks for a specific topic? Buzzsumo will help you out here.

To be frank, Search engines have their limitations, First of all their search results are not updated in real time and secondly since these results are being decided by an algorithm, most of the time we end of with irrelevant search results.
However by harnessing the power of social networks, the above two limitations can be easily bypassed. When people like, retweet or share links on social networks, they become a credible source of information. As the likes and shares keep on increasing, these likes and share can be considered as a factor for ranking multiple articles on the same topic. This is exactly what Buzzsumo does.


For those who are looking for up to date information on a specific topic, Trending stories from social networks are an much better alternative than results offered by search engines. With Buzzumo, this process gets even easier as the service fetches you the top results from multiple social networks at a single place.
In recent time, Social networks have proved to be a faster mode of spreading news than traditional news sources such as televisions, news portals …etc. So the next time you are in search for finding out the most up to date shared links for a certain topic, Buzzsumo is there to help you out.
If you need to increase the relevancy, you can even filter Buzzsumo results as article, videos, infographic, guest posts, Giveaways …etc. Further you can also filter results by their time period.
At the moment, Buzzsumo is still in its beta stages and available for free to anyone. In the near future Buzzsumo plans to introduce pais plans for its service but the basic plan will still be free for everyone.

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