Storedot’s New Battery Tech can Charge Phones Completely within 30 Seconds


Going by the title, its hard to believe that such a technology exists as of today. But believe it or not, an Israeli start-up firm named Storedot has developed a new battery technology that can completely charge your phone’s battery within 30 seconds. Still cant believe us? Watch the video below to believe it. The ultra fast battery charging technology which is still in a prototype stage was...

PowerUp 3.0 Transforms Paper Planes into Smartphone Controlled Toy Airplanes


Even if we grow up, the will always be a child within us. Here is an amazing gadget that will bring back the memories of your childhood, but this time it will be packing an extra punch. Courtesy of Powerup 3.0, a toy module that can transform paper planes into a smartphone controlled toy airplane, you will be now able to relive your childhood once again. It doesn’t matter if you are a child...

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