Storedot’s New Battery Tech can Charge Phones Completely within 30 Seconds


Going by the title, its hard to believe that such a technology exists as of today. But believe it or not, an Israeli start-up firm named Storedot has developed a new battery technology that can completely charge your phone’s battery within 30 seconds. Still cant believe us? Watch the video below to believe it.

The ultra fast battery charging technology which is still in a prototype stage was demonstrated on a Samsung galaxy S3. In the demo video, we can clearly see that the prototype charger, along with the battery is exactly the size of an laptop charger. But according to Storedot, they’re putting their efforts into reducing its size, which they’re expecting to achieve exactly in a year or so.
The technology behind Storedot’s ultra fast charging technology is called as “Nanodots” and as of now Storedot has already received 6 millions in funding for its further development. The new technology isn’t just limited to smartphones only, the company also has its plan to develop it further for use in industries such as mobile displays, energy storage, memory storage, semiconductors, imaging and bio-medical sensors, food bio-labeling and more.
The estimated cost of Storedot’s ultra fast charger will be twice that of today’s average phone charges and most possibly it will be priced around $30. However the mass production of the chargers isn’t expected to begin until late 2016.
Source: Storedot , WSJ

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  • I watched the video and I don’t believe. Why is the AC socket hidden behind the phone? Why is the standard bar hidden in Samsung phone – it shows the battery level. It can be as simple as an Android application with typical level meter increased. How can you tell me to watch a video to believe ??

    • At first, even i had the same thought. But after i read it on the company’s press release and wall street journal, i had to believe it. Furthermore its a entirely new battery technology, so this is possible.
      Like other tech blogs, we’re just reporting it here so that our readers can know about this revolutionary technology. Surely, we are going to see many more demonstration this tech. in the coming days.
      Overall, this is a technology that everybody would be happy to have access to.

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