Wikipedia’s Official Theme Song is called “ Hotel Wikipedia “


Everyone who has ever searched the internet for information has definitely come across Wikipedia. From school goes to old people, everyone has made use of the free information available on Wikipedia. The online encyclopedia has information on anything and everything you might ever need of. Wikipedia is infact one of the greatest websites ever built on the internet. Unlike most other websites on...

Watch Syrian Army Tanks Spew Destruction in the city of Darayya


Sitting at our homes, we do not have a clear view of what war is. Whatever video footage makes it to the news channels is actually a highly censored version of the reality. We usually see tanks and guns firing but we never see the destruction that is caused at the same time. However a recent video shot though Gopro cameras mounted on tanks reveals the utter horrors of war. The hour long video is...

Create a Mini Crossbow using a Bottle cap, Rubber band and Popsicle sticks


We all have this little child inside us that always interested in having fun or say do fun things. Recently I landed on this YouTube video by Dave Hax, which is actually a video guide on creating a mini crossbow. Sounds fun isn’t it? Dave used common household items such as a bottle cap, rubber band two Popsicle sticks to create the Mini crossbow and believe it or not it’s powerful enough...

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