Create a Mini Crossbow using a Bottle cap, Rubber band and Popsicle sticks


We all have this little child inside us that always interested in having fun or say do fun things. Recently I landed on this YouTube video by Dave Hax, which is actually a video guide on creating a mini crossbow. Sounds fun isn’t it?

how to create a mini crossbow

Dave used common household items such as a bottle cap, rubber band two Popsicle sticks to create the Mini crossbow and believe it or not it’s powerful enough to make your enemies scream with pain. Well certainly I won’t advise you to start a war with it but if you want to have fun, this mini crossbow will keep you engaged. Here’s the video demonstration by Dave hax explaining the entire process of creating a mini crossbow.

Apart from the mini crossbow, Dave also has a variety of other interesting how to guides and tips on his YouTube channel.

Note: We are no way responsible for any damages done by you. Play safe and have fun.


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