Watch Syrian Army Tanks Spew Destruction in the city of Darayya


Sitting at our homes, we do not have a clear view of what war is. Whatever video footage makes it to the news channels is actually a highly censored version of the reality. We usually see tanks and guns firing but we never see the destruction that is caused at the same time.


However a recent video shot though Gopro cameras mounted on tanks reveals the utter horrors of war. The hour long video is shot by both the Syrian army and the rebels which depicts their battle in the city of Darayya, which was formerly a suburb of Damascus.
The video mostly consists of tanks raiding the city of Daraya and destroying rebel strongholds. Eventually the rebels do destroy a few tanks but its nothing in comparison to the destruction caused by the tanks. While the footage doesn’t show any bodies but there are casualties on both sides. Note: This video is not suitable for the faint hearted.

If you don’t want to watch the entire video, here are some of the main events you should skip to.

  • Tanks attack a fortified Rebel stronghold 00:15
  • Armored Russian infantry BMP and tanks fire on fortified positions 11:14
  • Tanks get ambushed on route to a mission 18:26
  • Fire support for the advancing infantry 30:54
  • Tank gets destroyed by rebels 33:44
  • Fire support near stronghold 42:47
  • Protecting BMPs during a supply run 46:38
  • Tank gets destroyed by rebels 41:32
  • Tank gets destroyed by rebels 57:48

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