How to Copy PS4 Save Game Data to a USB Storage Device


Do you want to copy the PS4’s Save Game data to a USB flash drive? Here’s how you can do so. By default the Play Station 4 stores the Save game data on the hard disk. However If you are subscribed to PlayStation Plus, then your PS4 will also store the Save game data online on the PlayStation network’s servers.
While the PlayStation Plus subscription offers you a maximum storage space of 1GB, it also has a save data item limit of 1000 files.
The PS4 comes with a 500GB hard disk and if you use the PS4 as your primary gaming device, then very soon you will be out of storage space on the PS4. Well it’s not a big problem since you can manually replace the PS4’s hard disk yourself. However if you need to do so, then you will also have to copy the Save games to the newly installed hard disk.
For those who want to copy the PS4’s save games to a USB flash drive, here’s how you can do so.

How to Copy PS4 Save Game Data to a USB Storage Device

Note: Connect a USB flash drive with the PS4 and make sure that it is formatted in the Fat32 or ExFat format, otherwise the PS4 won’t recognise the USB flash drive or any other USB storage devices.

  • Step 1: Go to PS4’s Settings and select Application Save Data Management.


  • Step 2: Select Saved Data in System Storage.


  • Step 3: Select Copy to USB Storage Device.


  • Step 4: Select a Game.


  • Step 5: Select the Save Data and Select Copy.

That’s it, the Save game data would be copied to the USB storage device.

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