How to Copy PS4 Screenshots and Videos to a USB Flash Drive


Recently I wrote a guide on recording gameplay videos on a PS4 using the PS4’s inbuilt share feature. Today I will be continuing the guide further by showing how you can copy the recorded gameplay videos and screenshots from the PS4 to a USB flash drive.
Most of you might be already familiar with the process of copying screenshots and videos from a PS4 to a USB Flash Drive. However this guide is meant for new PS4 users who would like to know how they can copy screenshots and gameplay videos from the PS4 to a USB flash drive.
For those who want to know, here’s how you can copy Gameplay videos and screenshots from your PS4 to a USB flash drive.
Note: First of all, you will have to format the USB flash drive to FAT32 or exFAT format, otherwise the PS4 won’t be able to read the USB flash drive. Once it’s formatted to one of the above formats, you can plug it into any of the two USB ports on the front side of your PS4.

How to Copy PS4 Screenshots and Videos to a USB Flash Drive.

  • Step 1: Open the Capture Gallery application on your PS4.


  • Step 2: Select All or a specific game folder. ( I have selected all )


  • Step 3: On the next screen, you can either select All to copy both screenshots and gameplay videos or select between Screenshots or Video Clips to copy their files individually. ( I have selected All )
  • Step 4: Press the Option button on the PS4 controller and select Copy to USB Storage Device.


  • Step 5: You can now individually select all the screenshots and video clips that you want to copy on a USB flash drive. Alternatively you can select the Select All option to select all the media files.
  • Step 6: Finally select the Copy option to copy the selected screenshots and video files to the USB flash drive connected with your PS4.

That’s it, you will then have to wait for some time until the files get copied to the USB flash drive. All the Screenshots will be copied to the PS4 > SHARE > Screenshots folder and all the video clips will be copied to the PS4 > SHARE > Video Clips folder.

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  • yeah, but how to copy a video of lenght 15 minutes? made by share function. As you copy that video, it always says ERROR: Cnannot copy. An error occured accesing the usb storage device (CE-36488-9)

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