CPU Temperature lets you Check your Phone’s CPU and Battery Temperature


Most of you who love to play games on your android phones would have experienced how hot your phones can get when playing graphic intensive games or while surfing the web on a high speed data connection. This is a common thing that happens with most android phones as the current gen smartphone hardware dissipate a lot of heat. At times the heat buildup can get too hot for your hands that you might get panicked.
However our perception of the actual temperature can be wrong at most times. So in order to asses the accurate temperature of our phones we should always rely on temperature readings from the sensors on our phone’s CPU and the battery. Most phones are equipped with a temperature sensor on the CPU and the battery. A very few house an ambient temperature sensor as well.
Android doesn’t have any feature to display the temperature readings to the user. However there are many apps on the Google play store that can help you to view the temperature readings from the CPU and the battery. The best among these apps is CPU Temperature, as it has all the feature that you are going to need in order to view and analyze your phone’s temperature.
For those who want to view the accurate temperature of your phone’s CPU and its battery, here’s how you can do so.

How to Check CPU and Battery Temperature with CPU Temperature

  • Step 1: Download and install CPU Temperature on your Android phone from the link provided at the bottom of this page.
  • Step 2: Once CPU Temperature is installed, open it and it should display the live temperature of your phone’s CPU and the battery.

Tap on the Changing Curve tab to view a graph of the CPU’s temperature and usage reading over a period of time.
In the Settings tab, you can enable the following features such as the high temperature alarm and an draggable CPU temperature overlay. Now the later is an feature that would be very helpful as it lets you know the live temperature of your phone’s CPU without opening the app.
Finally the app has also got an Analyze tab that keeps record of the temperature of your phone’s CPU while using any app. This will help you to know which apps are causing your phone’s temperature to go high.
Now the next time your phone heats up, CPU Temperature will help you to accurately find out whether it’s your phone’s CPU that’s heating up or it the battery. Also there’s no need to worry until your phone CPU’s temperature exceeds 100 degrees and the normal operating temperature should be within 30 to 50 degrees. As for the battery, the temperature should not exceed 60 degrees. If any of the above temperature limits are exceeded, your phone will automatically switch off.
Download: CPU Temperature for Android

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