Download Google Chrome Offline Installer for Windows, Mac and Linux


As of now Google chrome has become one of the most used web browsers among internet users. The speed and stability of Google chrome are major reasons why people prefer Google chrome above other browsers and last but not the least its being backed up by the big daddy Google itself.


But one thing for sure, the default process for downloading Google chrome is not something I prefer and even most of you might not. To download Google chrome, you will need to download a small installer first and then you will need to run the installer, after which the installer will download and install Chrome from Google’s servers. It can be a time consuming process if you have a slow internet connection.

Like most other programs, its always better to install programs from a Full standalone offline installer. Once you download a standalone installer, you can easily save it, share it or use it for installing the program once again in the future.

Fortunately Google does provide full standalone offline installers for Google Chrome. The links I am sharing below are for the full Offline standalone installer for Google chrome which weigh around 30MB in size.

Google Chrome Full Standalone Offline Installers for Windows

Google Chrome Full Standalone Offline Installers for Linux

Google Chrome Full Standalone Offline Installers for Mac

Once you download these Full standalone offline installers for Google chrome, you can save it on your computer and use them later to install Google Chrome without an internet access.

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