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Soundcloud is one of the most popular online music distribution sites that has enabled musicians and people from all over the world to share their music with others through the internet.
Everyone can upload their songs on Soundcloud for free and the fact that the site has more than 40 million registered users and 200 million listeners, it has been attracting new artists to showcase their musical talent.
To enjoy the most out of Soundcloud, you will need to have a registered with them , which is provided free of cost and once you have registered, you can listen as much content as you wish and even download up to 100 songs for free. Unfortunately once you join the site, the quota of 100 free song downloads will be exhausted quickly and you will be only able to download songs for which the uploader has enabled free downloads.
However this limitation can be easily bypassed with the help of third party song downloading tools that are available for free on the internet. One of these free and popular song downloading tools for Soundcloud is Sounddrain, which allows you to download all the songs from Soundcloud for free.
Using Sounddrain is very simple. Simply copy the URL of the song that you are listening on soundcloud and paste it in text box provided on Soundrain. Next press enter and within a few seconds you will be provided a download link of the song. Right click on the song link and save it to your desktop for free.
This is as easy as it gets to download songs from soundcloud. If you have any other suggestions regarding downloading songs for free from soundcloud, do mention them in teh comments below.

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