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Do you need to download the official windows 8.1 ISO file? Continue reading to find out how you can do so without even needing to validate your download with a product key.
Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system is about to go on life support very soon and as of now Microsoft has already taken off the direct downloads links of Windows 7 too. So it’s time to move on to windows 8.1, which is Microsoft’s current gen operating system and the predecessor of the upcoming windows 10 OS.
At the same time, many of you would have already transitioned to windows 8.1. Windows 8.1 can be brought both offline and online. While the offline versions come with a installation disk, the online version just provide you with a product key to activate windows 8.1. Every online copy of windows 8.1 comes with clear instructions to download and install windows 8.1. However if you are still on the look for finding a reliable source to download the windows 8.1 ISO files, Microsoft is providing you one for free.
Unlike previous versions of Windows, Microsoft is no longer providing direct links of newer windows operating systems. Instead Microsoft is now providing installer programs ( Microsoft windows media creation tool ) that allow you to download a ISO file or directly create a bootable USB flash drive.
Microsoft has also removed the product key verification that was required earlier in order to validate genuine users and allow them to download the ISO images of an operating system. Now everyone can download an untouched and official copy of Windows 8.1 from Microsoft without the need of verifying their ownership of the OS with a genuine product key.
For those who need to download an official copy of windows 8.1, here how you can use Microsoft’s windows media creation tool to do so.

How to Download Official Windows 8.1 ISO without Product Key

  • Step 1: Head over to the link provided below and click on Create Now to Download and install the Microsoft windows media creation tool.

Download Microsoft Windows Media Creation Tool

  • Step 2: Select the Language, Edition and Architecture as per your requirements and click on Next.


  • Step 3: You can now choose between an ISO file or directly create a Bootable USB flash drive. Select any of the options according to your requirements.

That’s it, now you will have to wait till the download completes and you should have your windows 8.1 ISO image or your bootable Windows 8.1 ISO image ready.
Note: You can download the Windows 8.1 ISO image without the need of a product key verification, however you will need a genuine Windows 8 or 8.1 key to activate your windows 8.1 installation.

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