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Every website on the internet is on a constant change to keep adapting with the latest design trends and web accessibility features. Be it Google, Wikipedia or Yahoo, all of them have gone through major changes since their inception to bring you the well designed and accessible site that you are using today.

For those who are curious to find out how an website used to look in the past, the Wayback machine is an non profit digital archive of the world wide web that will let you take a peek at how websites looked in the past. The Wayback machine is maintained by the internet archive, which is also an non profit organisation that aims to archive the public web and make it available for the future generation.
Using the Wayback machine is very simple. When you want to find out how a website looked in the past, Simply head over to , type in the web address in the input box provided and click on Browse history.


Within a few seconds the Wayback machine will provide you with a calendar wise view of the total time period for which the site has been online.

how website looked in the past

You can click on the respective year and select any of the highlighted dates to view the website as it looked on that day of the year in the past. Here’s an example of how Google used to look on February 22nd of 2002.


The Wayback machine is an useful resource for anyone who is looking on information regarding the history of popular websites on the internet. Additionally the Wayback tool even allows you to capture a website and access them later in case you want to refer to an trusted citation in the future. 

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