How to Fix Google Play Store Error 498


Error 498 is one of the most common errors encountered while downloading apps or games from the Google Play Store. The error is usually triggered when your phone doesn’t have sufficient storage space to install new apps or games. In most cases, its your Android device’s cache ( temporary ) memory that causes this error.  However the error can also be rated to your phone’s internal and external memory.
So essentially the Google Play Store Error 498 occurs when the app or game you are downloading is more than the size of your phone’s cache partition. For example: The Google Play Store error 498 will be triggered on your phone if you are downloading an app or game of 50MB, but your phone has a cache partition of 40 MB. This doesn’t mean that your android device doesn’t have enough cache memory, it’s just that your android device cannot download a file of more than 40 MB in one go.
There are several methods to fix the Google Play Store Error 498. Here are some of the methods that have been reported to work for most android users.

Method 1: Clear Cache of Google Play Store

You should try clearing the Cache of Google Play Store as it has solved the error 498 for most Android users. Here’s how you can clear Google Play Store’s cache.

  • Step 1: Navigate to Settings > Application Manager > Google Play Store.


  • Step 2: Tap on Force Stop


  • Step 3: Tap on Clear Data


  • Step 4: Tap on Clear Cache


Method 2: Deleted and Re add the 2G / 3G Access Point Name

The second most common method to fix the Google Play Store error 498 is to delete the 2G / 3G Access Point settings for your cellular network provider and reboot your android device. Once the device is turned on, you will have to re add the access point. This should fix the error 498 if you are using cellular data to download apps and games.

Method 3: Change WiFi network.

The cause of the Google Play Store Error 498 can also be related to a problem with your internet connection. Have patience and retry downloading the app or game a few moments later. Or you can also connect to another WiFi network.

Method 4: Use Cache Fixer if your Android Device is Rooted.

Last but not the least, if your phone is rooted, you can use a free app called Cache fixer, which can clear out your android device cache partition and instantly fix the Google Play Store Error 498. This method has been reported to work for most rooted Android users.
Download Cache Fixer for Android and tap on Wipe Cache to fix the Google Play Store Error 498.

Method 5: Clear Cache and Dalvik Cache.

If you are an advanced Android user, you can clear the dalvik cache of your Android device and the Google Play Store Error 498 should be fixed. If you clear the dalvik cache, your phone will take a little longer to boot up, which is normal. Here’s how you can delete Cache and Dalvik Cache on your Android Device.

  • Step 1: Reboot into recovery
  • Step 2: Wipe cache partition
  • Step 3: Go to Advanced > Wipe Dalvik Cache
  • Step 4: Now go back and Reboot system


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