Google’s Software Removal Tool removes softwares that cause Problem with Chrome


The Chrome browser has been attracting the attention of a lot of developers these days and due to this there has been a phenomenal increase in the number of apps in the Chrome web store. While this is a good thing for Google chrome users, but there have been some negative effects too.
The Chrome browser has got almost around a billion users and this fact has lured many spammers and adware creators to take benefit of chrome’s large user base. Cyber criminals are now creating software that hijack Chrome to leak valuable information such as the users browsing habits and in many cases these software when installed will replace the existing ads on any webpage into their own. As a result all the revenue from any ads that you click won’t be going to the owner of any websites, instead it will be benefiting the developer of the extension. Apart from these extensions, your PC might have malicious software installed on it without your knowledge which can access your browsing activity on chrome and even inject ads into all the web pages you browse.
Fortunately you can stop worrying about any of the above malicious software or extensions, as Google has now released a software removal tool for windows, which can scan for malicious software that are interfering with Chrome and uninstall them, or if necessary reset chrome too.
You can download the Google Software removal tool from the following link:
Download Google Software Removal Tool

  • Step 1: Once you’ve downloaded the Google software removal tool, you can run it with administrator rights.
  • Step 2: The Tool will then scan for malicious software and provide you a list of all the malicious software found. You can click on the remove suspicious programs message and wait for for a few seconds for the programs to be removed.
  • Step 3: However it your computer doesn’t have any malicious software that is affecting or interfering with chrome, you will see the following message and you can click on continue to exit the program. Also you can uncheck “Help improve this tool…” if you don’t want to send information about your computer to Google.


  • Step 4: Finally the tool will advise you to reset Chrome, which is not necessary if it did not find any malicious software on your PC.


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