How to Hide / Disable the new Social and Promotions tab in Gmail


Google  has recently changed to a new Flat design User interface for most of its products including its most popular Search engine and free email service Gmail . While these changes to the user interface have been welcomed by many users , Some of the users still prefer the old Gmail interface .

The Notable changes in the new Gmail interface includes addition of two new Social and promotion tabs . The social tab filters and stores all your emails coming from various social networks whereas the promotion tab filters and stores all promotional and advertisements related emails from various sources . The new tabs ensure that the most important emails get to your primary tab and the rest gets diverted to their respective Social and promotions tab depending on their sources .

For me , i feel the promotional tab a bit annoying as i hate unnecessary ads in my mail . So i found out  how to hide the new tabs in Gmail . Moreover many users have reported about ads being served in disguise of  emails in Gmail’s new interface . The most shocking thing is some of the users received ads from sources they never subscribed to .

Actually there is no need to worry here . Gmail has now started to place ads in your mailbox in disguise of promotional emails , although right now it is only limited to the new promotions tab . If your are facing the same issue or you’re uninterested in the new features , then here is how you can hide the new Social and promotional tabs in Gmail .

Instructions to hide / disable the Social and promotion tabs in Gmail

  • Step 1: Click on the settings ( Gear icon ) to the top right in Gmail and select configure inbox .


  • Step 2: Now you can un-check Social and promotion on the page that appears and click on save to hide / disable the Social and promotions tab .


Thats it , now you have succesfully hidden / disabled the social and promotion tabs in your Gmail account .

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  • Thanks for this. I am setting up a senior citizen’s computer for her and she hates the other tabs. So using your method, will she get emails that she would normally get in promotions and social if we follow this tutorial?

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