How to Hide Drives in Windows


Hiding files and folders on windows is piece of cake for everyone as it can be done easily via the properties of the respective file and folder. Without doubt the file and folder hiding feature on windows has been of immense help to people who need to hide important and private files. But the problem is, unhiding files on windows is as easy as hiding them. So a person familiar with windows can easily unhide the hidden files on your Windows PC and access them.
This is why the default file hiding feature cannot be relied upon. Therefore its better to put all your important files and folders on a single drive and hide it. But again, windows does not have an built in feature to hide drives. Fortunately there’s always a workaround in windows and thanks to a simple trick you can easily hide any drive on windows. For those who need to hide drives on windows, here’s how you can do so.
Note: It is advisable to only hide a windows drive which has no system or third party software installed on it.

How to Hide Drives on Windows

  • Step 1: Type in the following into the windows search box and press enter to open the Windows disk management tool.


  • Step 2: Right click on any Drive that you want to hide and select Change Drive letter and Paths.


  • Step 3: With the drive letter selected, click on Remove and then click on Ok.

There you go, the drive is now hidden in my computer.

How to Unhide Drives on Windows

  • Step 4: Now if you need to unhide the drive, then go back to the disk management tool and Right click on the drive and select Change Drive Letter and Paths.


  • Step 5: Click on Add.
  • Step 6: Select the drive letter and click on OK.


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