How to Change the Default Search Engine in Firefox


As a part of an five year partnership with Yahoo, Firefox will be replacing its default search engine to Yahoo from Google search. However this change will only be limited to the united states and will takeover in December this year.

Google is definitely way ahead of yahoo both in terms of user its base and features. A recent survey by Searchenginewatch revealed that Google dominates the search engine market with a 68% share, whereas yahoo just owns about 10%.

Well, after all it’s the usability and features that matters and Google search offers them all and even more. Fortunately changing the default search engine in Firefox is a piece of cake. So for those of you who still want to retain the default search engine in Firefox as Google search, here’s how you can set Google search as the default search engine on Mozilla Firefox.

How to Change the Default Search Engine in Firefox

  • Step 1: Open Firefox and right click on the small arrow beside Yahoo’s “ Y “ logo in the Search field. Select Google or any other search engine.


That’s it, now the search engine can be accessed from the URL bar, Search field or a new tab.

For more information, visit Firefox’s support page.



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