How to Check if your Router is Hacked?


Most of us take our internet connection for granted and the same even holds true for the Router that helps us connect to the internet. To be honest, the internet isn’t as funny and humorous as it seems to be. Every second that you pass on the internet, there is a chance that someone is trying to gain access to your computer.
Today our basic day to day needs such as shopping, banking and socialising occurs over the internet. In the process of the above tasks, a lot of our personal and private data is exchanged and this what exactly cyber criminals are interested in.
You must have noticed that sometimes the URL of a site has a HTTPS prefix instead of HTTP. The HTTPS prefix stand for HTTP over SSL or HTTP Secure, which is a more secure version of HTTPS and it helps to decrypt the data transferred from your PC to a website on the internet. So as long as you see the https prefix in a url address, you can be assured that the site is secured from hackers.
Well HTTPS, makes the internet safe for us. However as i said before, most of us take various precautionary steps to safeguard our computer from threats. But at the same time we ignore to safeguard the routers that help us to connect to the internet.
Every router is protected by a username and password combination that is required to log into the router’s admin page and make changes to its settings. Unfortunately the default username and password combination for routers is available online. This is a fact that many of us are not aware of and most of the time when someone doesn’t change the default username and password combinations for their routers, cyber criminals advantage of this to hack routers.
DNS Hijacking is one the most common exploits that can be performed on hacked router. Cyber criminals use this exploit to redirect users to fake websites which might look identical to the original website and thus duping users to give up their username and password details for a specific site.

So how do you Check if your Router is Hacked?

Fortunately F-Secure has come up with an online service that checks your router and lets you know whether your router is hacked or not.
All you need to do is, visit this link: and click on Start Now.
Within a few seconds, you should be able to know whether your router is hacked or not. Irrelevant of the results, you should install go ahead and change your router’s login details.

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