How to Record your iPhone’s Screen with Audio on IOS 11


IOS 11 has brought in a host of new features to the iPhone and one of those features now allows you to record the screen of your iPhone and that too in 60 frames per second along with audio. This feature has long been due for IOS users and you will be surprised to know that even android hasn’t got a feature like this.

Now this an great feature for Youtubers who make how to videos and also for people who would like to record their iPhone’s screen and share it with others.

The screen recording feature can be accessed from the control panel by swiping from the bottom to the top. But the option doesn’t appear by default as it has to be enabled from the Control Center in your iPhone’s settings.

For those who want to record their iPhone’s screen, simply follow the instructions below.

How to Record your iPhone’s Screen with Audio on IOS 11

  • Step 1: Go to the Settings on your iPhone and tap on Control Center.


  • Step 2: Tap on Customize ControlsYou can now see two sections which are ” Include “ and “ More Controls

         You can see Screen Recording option under More Controls

  • Step 3: Tap on the Green + icon to its left to add it to the Control Center.

You can now swipe from the bottom to the top of your iPhone to bring up the Control Center and the Screen Recording widget should be there.

Tap on the record option and after three seconds, the screen recording feature will start recording your iPhone’s screen.

To stop the recording, you can access the Control Center again and tap on the screen recording option to stop the screen recording.

The screen video recording can be viewed from the iPhone’s gallery app. Now the great thing about this feature is, it has no restrictions on what you can record with it. You can record your phones screen, apps, games and even streamed videos from apps like YouTube.

But there’s a small problem. The screen recording feature also records the AssistiveTouch icon. So if you don’t want the AssistiveTouch icon to be recorded in the iPhone screen video recording, just turn it off from Settings >Accessibility> AssistiveTouch

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