How to Rename Multiple Files on a Windows PC


Although it is not less known , Windows does has a very quick method to rename multiple files . In fact there are more than one method to rename multiple files on a windows computer . Normal users can use a simple trick to rename the file names of multiple files with windows explorer and if you want to rename the extensions of multiple files then you can use the command prompt . Further If you want more control over how you rename multiple files then you can take the help of a free software tool . Lets find out more about  how can we use the different methods in windows computers to rename multiple files .

Method 1 : how to rename multiple files through windows explorer .

  • Step 1: Hold Ctrl key and select multiple images that you want to rename .
  • Step 2: Holding Ctrl key , Right click on the first image and select rename  .


  • Step 3: Type in a name you desire and click enter .


  • Step 4:  Now all the selected files will be renamed by windows and a number will be added to the base name .


Although this is the easiest method to rename multiple files in windows , but we don’t have control over how we want to rename all the files .

Method 2: Renaming extensions of multiple files through the command prompt 

Using the rename or ren DOS command in command prompt we can easily rename the extensions of multiple files . Just by adding the * character you can select multiple files to rename their extensions . This is a less known method to rename the extension of multiple files . But it is very useful , keeping in mind the fact that we cannot rename extensions of multiple files through windows explorer . You need to use the following commands to rename multiple file extensions .

ren *.jpg *.jpeg  or   rename *.jpg *.jpeg

here ren / rename are the commands to rename the file extensions  . The * character stands for any file name .  You can replace “ jpg “ with the files extension of the existing files and the “jpeg” with the  file extension you want to rename into . Not just jpeg but you can rename the existing extension to any extension of your choice . let me show you how .

  • Step 1: Open the folder with the files whose extensions you want to rename .


  • Step 2: Press and hold shift , right click on a empty space on the folder and select ” Open command window here ” .


  • Step 3 : in the command window , modify and type in the code provided and press enter to rename the files .


  • Step 4: You have successfully renamed multiple file extensions in one go .

Try this out on your windows computer and feel free to ask any doubt if you have . To know more about the ren / rename command visit here .

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