Inkcase is a Second screen for your Android Smartphone


It doesn’t matter how big our smartphone screens keep getting, there’s a limit to it and at some point in our day to day life, we would somehow wish for an additional screen on our phone. For all of you who have ever wished for a second screen for your android smartphone, the Inkcase Kickstarter is what you had been wishing for.
Developed by Oaxis Inc., Inkcase Plus is an E-ink based always on second screen for android smartphones that can be used as a eBook reader, photo viewer, receive notifications among many other things.
Currently the Inkcase is being crowd funded through Kickstarter and it has already surpassed the pledged goal of $100,000.
Smartphone screens can be accounted for draining most of your phone’s battery. Today we are still ages away from a intelligent display technology that is able to control its energy requirements and use battery power efficiently. However, until such screen technology exists, the Inkcase Plus can be a great companion second screen for your android phone.
inkcase is an secondary display for your android phone
Since the Inkcase Plus is based on the E-ink technology, its very energy efficient and uses less power than a standard cell phone display. Real world tests have confirmed that the Inkcase can last up to 19 hours continuously on a single charge. The display is not colorful, but who needs colour display for reading right? As long as you would using the display for reading it will entirety serve the purpose its made for.
inkcase battery
Since its made of E-ink, the Inkcase will also be very much suited for being used a notification screen or for any other similar requirements where there’s no need of an color display. This way you can maximize your phone’s battery life and the Inkcase will well serve its purpose. The device can be easily charged using a MicroUSB cable.
If everything goes as planned, the Inkcase project will complete production by September this year and the devices would start shipping by October. The E-ink based secondary display is priced at $79 for early backers and increases thereafter.
Head over to the Official kickstarter page for Inkcase to find out more about it.

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