Limit the Number of  CPU Cores used by Programs on Windows


Almost all Computers today are powered by processors with multiple cores. The higher the number of cores present in a computer, the faster it is at processing information. Since every computer has different core count, software developers have a tough time optimizing their programs for running optimally on computer with different cores.
The performance tab in the windows task manager can provide you with an detailed information regarding the use of your PC’s processors by the software running on it. Generally software developers optimize their software to share the load equally among all the cores available on your PC. However it is always not necessary for programs to use all the available cores, which in extreme cases can bottleneck the performance of your PC.
In order to provide windows users with more control over how the cores of your CPU are being utilized by the programs installed on your PC, windows has provided an extremely helpful option to limit the number of cpu cores used by an program. By using this option, you can easily lite the number of CPU cores being utilized by a program and thus free up CPU cores for sharing the load of other important programs running on your computer. Also doing this can greatly help you minimize the power consumed by your PC in the long run.
Well, now let me show you how you can limit the number of CPU cores used by programs on windows.

How to Limit the Number of CPU Cores being used by Windows programs

  • Step 1: Right click on the windows taskbar and select the task manager.


  • Step 2: Go to the processes tab and select a process.
  • Step 3: Right click on a process and select Set Affinity.


  • Step 4: There you go, you can now individually select or deselect any core from being utilized by the process.

These changes would only last until the program is running. Once the program is relaunched, the program will start using all the cores available to it by default.

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