Locate your Missing Android Device with Google Search


Back in August 2013, Google launched the Android Device Manager, which became one of the most important tools for the Android operating system. With the help of Android device manager, android users can now remotely locate, ring or even securely erase the data on their android devices.
Google has primarily been a search company and thus it has been putting its effort into to integrating all its products into its Google search. By doing so the search giant is trying make its search engine a one stop for all your information needs on the internet.

Locate your Missing Android Device with Google Search

The Android device manager has been the latest google product to get integrated into Google search. So from now onwards, you can just type in “ Find my phone” into Google search and access the device manager from Google search results itself. However this feature will only work if you are signed in with your Google account which is associated with your android device and the GPS needs to be turned on your android device.
Once your phone is located, you can click on the map to view your phone’s location on the Android device manager page. You can then go ahead and ring, lock or erase the data on your phone.

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  • No, doesn’t work. All I get are the usual search results. I’m logged in with the same Google account that both of my Android phones use, and both have GPS enabled.

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