Lock your Android phone using an Invisible Locking Shortcut


Most of the Android devices today come with a lock screen button which is usually placed to the right side of the phone. While some of us are accustomed to pressing the lock screen button to lock our phone, Android tablet users might not agree with the same.

It is not that android tablets are difficult to lock, but there is always an easier way to do things. Instead of pressing the lock screen button to lock your phone, you can even use a screen based widget to lock your phone and to add to that the widget we are going to try out today is totally invisible .

As the name suggests, Invisible Lock Screen Widget is an invisible and free to use Lock screen widget for your android device. The widget can be placed on your phone’s home screen and tapping on it would lock your phone. The widget is an really good alternative for people who are looking for a widget based method to lock their phone and also for those whose lock screen button is not working.

And as the developers of the widget have to say. The widget does decrease the chances of your phone’s power button wearing off. Follow the instructions below to install and use the lock Invisible lock screen widget on your android phone.

How to use the Invisible Lock Screen Widget

  • Step 1: Download and install the Invisible Lock Screen Widget on your android device.
  • Step 2: Once you open the app you will find that the “Use double locking” feature is turned on. As stated by the apps developer, some android 4.0+ phones might be affected with a bug which might render the lock screen widget useless. If you are facing any problems to lock your phone using the widget, you should try enabling this feature.


  • Step 3: Now go to the widgets menu and drag any of the Invisible Lock Screen Widgets to your home screen. Next you will be prompted to provide administrator rights to the widget. Tap on Activate to enable the widget.


Now you can simply tap on the invisible lock screen widget on your phone’s home screen and instantly lock your Android phone.

How to Uninstall the Invisible Lock Screen Widget

The reason why i am providing the instructions to install this widget is, most people found it difficult to uninstall the widget.  Unlike most other Android apps and widgets, the option to uninstall the lock screen widget is within the widget itself. Here is how you can uninstall the Invisible Lock Screen Widget.

Open the Invisible lock screen widget app from your phone’s app menu and simply tap on uninstall and again tap on OK to permanently uninstall the widget from your Android device.


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  • As my tablet’s power button is hard to reach, I lock my android using this tiny app called Go-Sleep [https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gmailraidenbits.gosleep_iab ]. I’m using the free version, but how can I hack it to unlock the WIDGET ?? Thx

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