Make Free International Calls to US, UK and Canada with Facebook Messenger


Want to make free international calls to your friends and relatives staying in the US, UK or Canada? I know, you do and all you will need is the Facebook messenger app on your Android or  iOS device.

It might come to you as a surprise, but you will be glad to know that Facebook has quietly launched a Skype like VoIP calling feature with it Messenger app for cellphones. As of now the free VoIP feature is only limited to the US, UK and Canada.
You don’t need to be disappointed if you are not staying in any of these countries. Sooner or later Facebook is eventually going to roll out this feature to other counties as well. But until then you take advantage of this free VoIP calling service to make free international to your friends or relatives staying in the US, UK or Canada.
While Facebook’s VoIP calling service is absolutely free of cost, but you need to know that if you are using this feature on a 3G or 4G data connection, you will have to pay for the data charges unless you have an unlimited data connection. Which is why it’s best to use this feature when you are connected to a WiFi hotspot.
For those who want to make free VoIP calls to their friends and relatives staying in the US, UK or Canada. Here’s how you can do so with the Facebook messenger app on Android.
Note: Make sure that your Friend or relative staying in the US, UK or Canada is on your Facebook friend list and has his phone number added to his profile.

How to Make Free International Calls to US, UK and Canada with Facebook Messenger

  • Step 1: Install the Facebook messenger app on your Android phone from the link provided at the bottom of this article.
  • Step 2: Search for your friends or relative’s name on the messenger app and tap on it.


  • Step 4: Tap on the call icon top of the chat to initiate the free VoIP call.


  • Step 5: If you are using the free VoIP calling feature for the first time, you will see the following warning. Tap on Call to initiate the free call.


Its as simple as that and then you will be able to talk to your friends or relative free on cost. Also it’s not mandatory for the receiver to have the messenger app installed on his phone, as long as the receiver has his phone number added to his Facebook profile you can make unlimited free calls to him.
In countries where international call rates to US, UK and Canada are very high, Facebook’s free VoIP calling feature provides an alternate method to people for calling their friends and relatives at no cost. Now that you know of this feature, make sure you inform your friends and relatives as well. A similar feature is also available on the iOS version of Facebook messenger. 
Download: Facebook Messenger for Android

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