Prevent Your Gmail Account from Being Hacked with 2-Step Verification


Gmail is undoubtedly one of the most popular free email services available on the internet for the masses. Without Gmail, most of us wouldn’t have access to email and that would have prevented us from enjoying many online services.
We should be thankful that we don’t get charged for using Gmail. But with time, we have put a lot of trust in Gmail for keeping our information safe and secure. While there’s no doubt that Gmail’s security is hard to breach, but on the other hand anybody with access to your password can access your Gmail account. So its time you move on to something new rather than using passwords as an method authentication.
Passwords as a method of authentication is becoming old. In the recent years there has been a number of data breaches, wherein cyber criminals were successful to access database of huge corporations that contained username and password details for their customers.
This shows how flawed the password is. Fortunately, Google is now offering two step verification for Gmail accounts, which makes it impossible for anyone to login into your Gmail account, even if he has your password. As the name suggests, Two sped verification makes use of both your password and a random code that is sent to your phone to login into your Gmail account. With a combination these two, your Gmail account will be tougher to breach into.
Here’s how you can enable two step verification on your Gmail account.

Prevent Your Gmail Account from Being Hacked with 2-Step Verification

  • Step 1: Log into your Gmail account .
  • Step 2: Click on your profile pic to the top right and click on Account. ( Alternatively click on this link : )


  • Step 3: Click on 2-Step Verification under Signing in.


  • Step 4: Click on Start setup.


  • Step 5: Sign in to your gmail account to verify yourself.


  • Step 6: Select your country and then enter your phone number.


  • Step 7: Select the move via which you want to receive the codes.


  • Step 8: Click on Send Code.
  • Step 9: Enter the 6 digit verification code sent to your cell phone.


  • Step 10: If you are using your personal computer you can select the Trust this computer option.


  • Step 11: Finally Confirm the two step verification.

That’s it, two Step Authentication is now enabled for your Gmail account. Henceforth whenever you login to your Gmail account you will need to verify yourself with the code sent to your cell phone.

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