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Gone are the days when people used to have toolbars to spice up their web browsers . Its not the same nowadays , Today toolbars are not seen as an essential addition to a web browser . Most of the time we don’t pay much attention while installing some softwares and end up installing multiple toolbars on our PC without any prior knowledge . Moreover these days toolbars are a major source of spywares and malwares , which is why you should always be careful and decline any requests to install additional free programs while installing any software on your PC .
Toolbars like Google and the ones which come with your antivirus package can be quite useful , but other than these most of the other less known toolbars might have spywares and malware built into them . Today most web browsers come with add ons / extensions support , which are more effective and provide better features than toolbars . The best part is unlike toolbars , addons can run in the background and do not occupy any space on your web browser . Which is why addons / extensions are more preferred than toolbars . Enough talk about toolbars , lets find out how we can remove toolbars and unwanted programs from your windows PC .
Force byte detector is what you need to remove all  toolbars and unwanted programs from your windows PC . The program also doubles up as an tool to clean junk files on your windows PC . Once you run this program , the program will automatically check for all unwanted toolbars and programs installed on your PC and prompt you with options to either delete .
The only problem we found with this program was that we did not have complete control on which program we want to delete . It automatically deletes all the toolbars and unwanted programs .

Using Force byte detector

  • Step 1: Download force byte detector and save it on your desktop . Right click on the program and run its as administrator .
  • Step 2: Click scan to check for toolbar and unwanted programs on your PC .


  • Step 3: The program will now individually prompt you to delete any unwanted toolbar or programs it finds out on your PC . Here we go , it found out an adware .


  • Step 4:  It found out conduit toolbar , i never knew i had this in my PC  . Thanks to Force byte detector my PC will be free of this .

Force byte detector is a boon to most windows PC users . There are many spyware and adwares that can get into your PC while installing softwares from unknown sources . This handy little program will help you remove all those unwanted toolbars and programs .

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