How to Share Photos and Files from an iPhone to Android


Apple and Android fans have many things to argue about, but when it comes to certain features such as the ability to share files, iPhone users can’t hold on to their arguments. By default apple has strictly limited the iPhone’s file sharing ability to devices running on the iOS platform only and there is no way by which you can bypass this restriction.
The problem is, everyone doesn’t own an iPhone, so when the need arises iPhone users will not be able to share or receive anything from another person’s smartphone. We can ignore this once, twice or a few more times, but eventually this will cause you embarrassment as you’re holding an $500 iPhone in your hand and there are phones worth $100 in the market which can send files to other phones without any restrictions.
Fortunately you can bypass the file sharing restriction on iOS devices with the help on third party file sharing app from the App store. These file sharing apps can help you to send and receive files to and from all devices which have WiFi.
The App store houses more than dozens of these file sharing apps and if you are going to pick one, i would recommend you to go with the Send anywhere app. the reason why i am recommending this app is, it fully supports Android, Non-Android mobile OS, all PC platforms, Chrome Extension, and a web browser and the most important being its free!
Unfortunately there are certain limitations for all these apps and the major one is that, you will have to install the app on both the senders and receivers phones. This should be a big problem as the app is available for almost all mobile operating systems including windows, android , iOS, blackberry and this will be just a one time installation.
For those who want to share photos, texts, videos or contacts from your iPhone to another phone running on a different OS, here’s how you can use the Send Anywhere app to do so.

How to Share Photos and Files from an iPhone to Android or other Smartphones

Note: Connect both the smartphones to the same WiFi Network.

  • Step 1: Install the Send Anywhere app on your iPhone and the other smartphones from the download links provided for the respective os platform at the bottom of this page.
  • Step 2: Open the Send Anywhere app on your iPhone and tap on the Send Button.


  • Step 3: Select the Photos, text, video or contact that you want to send and click on the Paper plane icon once you’ve selected the files to send them.


  • Step 4: Remember the six 6 digit key code that appears. You can even tap on QR to get a QR code.


  • Step 5: Open the Send Anywhere app on the receiver’s phone, enter the 6 digit numeral key and tap on receive.


  • Step 6: The app will instantly receive the photos, texts, videos or contacts send from the iPhone’s app.

The Received files can be found in the SendAnywhere folder located on your phone’s internal storage or through the same folder in the Gallery app. With each of your devices logged-in, you can share files between your devices without inputting the 6-digit key nor going through the hassle of clicking ‘accept’ to receive the file(s).


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