Top 5 Upcoming Android Smart Phones to Launch in 2013


Upcoming Android Phones : The Android Smartphone Army is still getting stronger day by day . So far there have been many Android smartphone launches this year and many more  slated for release in the upcoming months . Among these are some of the most anticipated upcoming Android Phones . From what we have gathered so far , the next few months are going to bring in a lot of new phones with new...

Best Android Phones to Buy in 2013


There has been a lot of feature packed android smartphone releases this year  . Here is the definitive list of the Best android phones to buy in 2013 .  A Lot of Android Smartphones have similar specs which confuses most prospective buyers .To help you find the best android smartphone for you , we have gathered the top 5 Android phones and compared them based on their hardware , performance and...

Dice reveals the new Battlelog for Battlefield 4


Battlefield developer Dice has finally revealed their new version of Battlelog for Battlefield 4  . The New version of Battlelog will be launching with Battlefield 4 . Battlefield 4 will we deploying many new features for Gamers . Some of which are Levolution, Commander Mode, and All Out War . Check out the official trailer below . The new version of Battlelog will bring battlefield 4 to Tablets...

New Nexus 7 out for preorder on Bestbuy.com for both 16GB and 32GB flavors


Bestbuy.com is now taking preorders for the new nexus 7 for 2013 , which has been code named razor . While the benchmarks and specifications of the device has been already out .  The nexus 7 is out for pre-order in both 16GB and 32GB flavors . The new Nexus 7 has the following specs : Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro @ 1.5GHz processor with Adreno 320 GPU 2GB DDR3 RAM 7″...

Micromax starts canvas 4 A210 pre-booking


Micromax has started the pre-bookings for its latest android smartphone , the Canvas 4 . The canvas series of phones have been selling like hotcakes due to Micromax’s excellent pricing strategy . Micromax has set the pre-order price at Rs.5,000 .  When the device will be launched users will have 7 days time to pay the remaining amount . In any case you change your mind later , you can cancel your...

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