Dice reveals the new Battlelog for Battlefield 4


Battlefield developer Dice has finally revealed their new version of Battlelog for Battlefield 4  . The New version of Battlelog will be launching with Battlefield 4 . Battlefield 4 will we deploying many new features for Gamers . Some of which are Levolution, Commander Mode, and All Out War .

Check out the official trailer below .

The new version of Battlelog will bring battlefield 4 to Tablets and mobile devices . While playing from your tablet you will Get a tactical view of the battlefield, highlight attack points on the minimap, and track your squad mates, all from your mobile device or computer. The new version of Battlelog will allow players to control their play sessions . You can now change your weapons and loadouts in real time and even select the next match and server without leaving your games . If you have to check your stats while playing ,  you dont have to pause your game . just check them from your mobile devices .

According to dice

“Frostbite, Levolution, Commander Mode, and All Out War aren’t the only things that make Battlefield 4 the first truly next-gen experience. Battlelog is evolving on the web, mobile devices, and connecting Battlefield players in entirely new ways.”

The new version of the Battlelog create custom challenges for them .You can Accept the challenges and take back your titles . Whenever you complete a game or improve on a current record , your friends will get automatically notified about it . Battlelog now has Geo-localized leaderboards which will allow players to focus on areas that are most valuable to them . Further you can compare your statistics based on city, country, continental, and global levels

With the new Battlelog , the Battlefield is always at your fingertips. Discover the new features of the free social platform Battlelog and learn how the experience extends beyond PC and console to tablet and mobile.

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Source : Battlefield blog


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