How To Prevent Anyone From Tagging You on Facebook


Facebook is great platform to socialize with your friends and family and at the same time it also doubles up as a platform to share your pictures and videos. The benefits of Facebook are many but there are even a few annoyances. If you are a frequent Facebook user, then would have come across many friends who just randomly tag anyone they can. Well its a good thing to tag your friends but getting...

How To Disable Facebook Notifications on Your Android Phone


From the past few months my Facebook usage has reduced drastically, the main reason being Facebook is simply anti-productive. As of now my Facebook usage is just limited to checking messages from friends and visiting a few pages. But the Facebook notifications feature on my Android phone is something that’s annoying me a lot. Apart from spammers and friend requests from strangers on...

5 Tips to Identify Fake Facebook Accounts


Like every other Social networking site out there , Facebook has its share of Pros and cons. Talking about Cons, Facebook has seen a rampant growth in Fake accounts. Most of these Fake Facebook accounts are either created to spread spam and viruses or to dupe unsuspecting users and steal their financial information. While Facebook aims for providing the best and safest Social networking...

How to Share Animated Gif Images on Facebook


Gif images have become very popular on the internet right now . If you have ever tried to Share Gif images on Facebook , you would have already found out that Facebook doesn’t show any love for Gif images and does not support sharing Gif images . The reason being Facebook officially does not  support Gif images and that is why users are not able to share them . Fortunately there is a...

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