How to View the Hidden Inbox folder on Facebook


Most facebook users can view unread messages from their friends under the Recent messages tab. While messages from other users who are not not connected with you, but are connected with people in your friendlist will always appear in the Message requests folder just besides the recent messages tab. So message requests usually stores all the messages from people you might know. This was how you...

How to Turn Off App and Game Invites on Facebook


Facebook is the most popular social network today and it is growing at an alarming rate. Apart from socializing with your friends on the internet, the social network also allows you to do to many more things such as playing games and using web apps. Most Facebook games are quite addictive and they lure in many Facebook users to spend hours of their precious times on playing them and unlocking...

How to Save News Feeds on Facebook for Reading Later


Facebook has been constantly introducing new features in order to improve its usability. The latest in the series of these features is a handy save feature that allows Facebook users to save news feed items from their Facebook feed for reading later. A majority of the Facebook user base has been using Facebook as an platform for finding and share interesting information from their news feeds...

Facebook is selling your Browser Data : Here’s how to Opt Out


While Most of us were busy interacting with our friends on Facebook, the social networking giant has silently started collecting your browser data and selling it out to advertisers. Facebook is now able to read and collect your browser history and preferences. The collected data will then be sold out to major internet advertising companies, who then will use this data to show targeted ads to you...

How To Prevent Anyone From Tagging You on Facebook


Facebook is great platform to socialize with your friends and family and at the same time it also doubles up as a platform to share your pictures and videos. The benefits of Facebook are many but there are even a few annoyances. If you are a frequent Facebook user, then would have come across many friends who just randomly tag anyone they can. Well its a good thing to tag your friends but getting...

Prevent Tagged Photo and Posts From Appearing on Your Facebook Timeline


Definitely I want my Facebook timeline to look neat and clean. But with Facebook’s new tagging feature, everything has just got out of control. Now whenever any of your friends tags you in a photo, the photo automatically appears on your Facebook timeline. And again as we all know we cannot stop our friends from posting on our timeline. No matter how many times we try to hide posts from...

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