How to Save News Feeds on Facebook for Reading Later


Facebook has been constantly introducing new features in order to improve its usability. The latest in the series of these features is a handy save feature that allows Facebook users to save news feed items from their Facebook feed for reading later.
A majority of the Facebook user base has been using Facebook as an platform for finding and share interesting information from their news feeds. However, between finding and sharing information from the news feed, Facebook was missing an option for saving news feed items for later reading.
Fortunately, with the introduction of Facebook’s new Save feature, you can now save interesting news feed items for viewing later. So here’s how you can save interesting items from your facebook news feeds for later viewing.

How to Save News feeds on Facebook for Android

If you are using the Facebook for Android app, you will need to tap on the small inverted arrow icon that appears on the top right of any news feed item. Once you click that you will see an option to save the news feed item for reading later.
Here’s how you can view the saved feed items on the Facebook android app.

  • Step 1: Go to the More tab and scroll down to Apps and tap on See All.


  • Step 2: Scroll down and tap on Saved.

There you go, now you can see all the saved news feed items.

How to Save News Feeds on Facebook on the Web

Saving News feed items on Facebook web is same as the android version, Simply click on the small inverted arrow icon and then click on the save option that appears in the overlay menu.
Here’s how you can view the saved new feed items on Facebook for web.

  • Step 1: Hover the cursor on the Apps tab in the left menu and click on More.


  • Step 2: Click on Saved.


  • Step 3: There you go you can now view the saved news feed items.

Alternatively, you can also ho to the following link to view saved new feeds on Facebook for Web :

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