5 Reasons why you should buy the Xiaomi Mi3 and why Not


The Xiaomi Mi3 is has already made it’s debut in India today though Flipkart. However since Xiaomi is an Chinese smartphone maker, many people will think twice before buying the Xiaomi Mi3. Well there is a certain taboo in India about things with the “Made in China” tag. This is a reason why most people have an negative view towards all things made in China.
Well, the truth is Almost all of the gadgets that you use are assembled or have a part manufactured in China and we should not overlook this fact. While Chinese manufactured smartphones sold through big brands such as Samsung and Apple, come at a high price, Xiaomi on the other hand is providing smartphones with similar specs but at a price that is less than half of the flagship smartphones sold by its contenders.
Well, lets keep these things apart and find out 5 reasons why you should buy the Xiaomi Mi3 and why you should not.

Why You Should Buy the Xiaomi Mi3

1. Hardware  and Performance
xiaomi mi3 hardware and gaming
The first thing that you will notice about the Xiaomi Mi3 is its impressive hardware specifications. The Xiaomi Mi3 is powered by a 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800 quad core processor which is coupled with an ample 2GB of Ram and a Adreno 330 GPU . As for the display the smartphone has a 5 inch IPS LCD display with a resolution of 1080p ( ~441 ppi pixel density ). No other android device in its price range offers a Snapdragon 800 processor and this is a major reason why the device simply stands out of the crowd.
With all these impressive hardware, the phone definitely is an performance beast and you won’t be surprised that the phone manages to achieve a score of 19,319 on Quadrant Standard and 33,476 on the Antutu X benchmark, which apparently are just below the Samsung galaxy S5. Isn’t that impressive enough for a smartphone which is will retail for less than half the price of the Samsung Galaxy S5.
2. Camera
The Xiaomi Mi3 has rear facing 13 MP camera with f/2.2 aperture and Dual led flash. Based on several reviews on the Internet, the Xiaomi Mi3 definitely has the best camera in its price range. Thanks to the F/2.2 aperture, the smartphone is able to capture impressive low light photography and adding to that the Dual led flash
3. Android 4.4
xiaomi mi3 android 4.4 kitakt
The retail units of Xiaomi Mi3 in India will come loaded with Android 4.4.2 KitKat and this makes the Xiaomi Mi3 a sweet deal.
4. Price
When Xiaomi announced the Mi3 in India, it was priced at Rs.14,999 and to be frank it was a sweet deal. Surprisingly Xiami reduced the price of the Mi3 further by Rs. 1000 at the Official press event held in Delhi and finally the 16Gb version Xiaomi Mi3 was priced at Rs.13,999. With all the hardware this smartphone has in it, the price of Rs 13,999 seems like a steal.
5. Warranty
A total of 36 service centers were announced by Xiaomi at the press event held in Delhi. Among these 32 service centers, two service centers located in Delhi and Bangalore will be exclusively operated by Xioami itself and will have a maximum turnaround time of 2 Hours. Here’s a list of the 32 Xiaomi Service centers in India and their locations.

Why You Should Not Buy the Xiaomi Mi3

1. Battery
The Xiaomi Mi3 has a non detachable / removable battery in order to minimize its cost and in case the battery dies out of warranty, you won’t able to replace the battery yourself and you will compulsorily have to make a visit to the service centers and pay a hefty price to get the battery replaced out of warranty.
2. Memory
With all the things that we would want to store on our smartphones, the option of expandable storage will always come handy to us. However the Xiaomi Mi3 has no option for expandable storage and this is a major let down for a phone with such impressive specifications.
3. Slippery build

xiaomi mi3 slippery body
The Xiaomi Mi3 body is made of brushed aluminum and this makes it extremely slippery. If you are planning to buy this smartphone, you should also consider investing in a good protecting case.
4. Heats up
The Xiaomi Mi3 might have got some impressive hardware specs but most reviews on the internet point towards the smartphone heating up while performing resource intensive tasks. Well all phones tend to heat up while performing resource intensive tasks, but since the Mi3 has got a aluminum body, you get to feel more heat.
Well, whatever the odds may be, the Xiaomi Mi3 is still one of the best smartphone available in its price range. Although you might have to compromise on few features but overall the Xiaomi Mi3 will provide you more than what you can bargain for.

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