How To Disable Facebook Notifications on Your Android Phone


From the past few months my Facebook usage has reduced drastically, the main reason being Facebook is simply anti-productive. As of now my Facebook usage is just limited to checking messages from friends and visiting a few pages. But the Facebook notifications feature on my Android phone is something that’s annoying me a lot. Apart from spammers and friend requests from strangers on Facebook, Facebook’s notification is the next thing most of might like to be disabled on our android devices.

Every time you get tagged on a photo or somebody comments on a photo that you are tagged, The Facebook app on your android device will instantly notify you with a notification. While the first notification for very post or tag might be important, the consecutive notifications for the same post or tags are just annoying.

To be frank, I am happy to know that some of my friends are remembering me, but the consecutive comments on the posts or photos are not something that i would like to be notified about. So if you have the same opinion as me here how you can get rid of Facebook notifications on your android device.

Fortunately Facebook allows you to choose from which notifications you want to receive on our android device or to simply disable them all. Everything you need to customize the notifications is present in the Facebook app’s settings. Here is how you can customize Facebook notifications on your android device.

How To Disable all Facebook Notification on your Android Device

  • Step 1: Open the Facebook App on your Android Device and navigate to the in app menu, from the in app menu tap on the Settings icon.


  • Step 2: In the settings, scroll down and navigate to Notifications settings. Now you can tap on Notifications to disable and stop receiving all the notifications on your Android device.


How to Disable Facebook Notifications for Specific Events

In case you want to disable notifications for any specific event such as wall posts, messages, comments, friend requests etc then instead of disabling notifications you can disable any of the specific events according to your need.


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