4 Reasons Why Odin is Not Detecting Your Android Device


I love to install custom android Roms on my smartphone and Odin is the tool of my trade. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you might have seen a lot of articles on rooting and flashing. Most of the time I am able to successfully root my android phone and flash custom Roms but there have been many instances where Odin simply refused to detect my phone.


Similarly  a few readers of my blog have experienced the same problems with getting their android device detected by Odin. While there is no definite method to find out the reason behind Odin not detecting a android phone, but there are a few reasons that I can definitely point at. The following are 4 of the main reasons why Odin is not detecting your phone and how you can fix it.

Reason 1: No drivers installed for your phone

Most of the time Odin is not able to detect your phone, simply because you haven’t installed the drivers for your phone. Normally windows would automatically download the respective drivers for your phone from the internet and install it. But in case it isn’t able to do so, you need to download the drivers from your phone manufacturer’s website.

Reason 2: Inferior quality or damaged USB cable

Odin is very sensitive to low quality or damaged USB cables, which is a major reason why odin will detect your android phone in file transfer mode but fail to detect it in download mode. You might have a genuine USB cable that came with your Android phone but with time its quality will depreciate, which is why you might have to get a new USB cable.

Reason 3: Odin is corrupted

This happened once with a reader on my blog, we tried everything to solve his problem, but in the end using a different version of Odin worked out for him.

Reason 4: USB port is defective

Defective USB ports can also be a reason for Odin not detecting your Android phone. This was a problem faced by one of my readers and plugging the USB cable in another USB port worked out for him.

These are a few of the tips that seemed to have worked with me and even some of my readers. I hope these tips will help you out with getting your phone detected by Odin. in case it doesn’t work out do let us know about your problem through the comments below. I will try my best to help you out and I am even sure our readers will try their best too.

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