Open and View Webp Images on Windows, Linux and Mac Computers


Webp ( pronounced weppy )is an new images format which was developed by Google . The Webp image format is still in development  , which is why it has not been much popular with computer users . Almost every operating system does not have the ability to open Webp files natively . In any case if you are downloading images from Google services , like screenshots of apps from the Google play store ...

How to Schedule a Automatic Shutdown on Your Windows Computer


Downloading large files on a computer may take a lot of time depending upon your Internet connections speed and so does rendering 3D files . Most people have no other option rather than keeping their computers on until the processes complete . But think about when you are out of your house or sleeping . Even if the download is completed your computer will still be on and consuming electricity ...

Create a Disposable Email Address that Expires after 10 Minutes


Most of the times we find very interesting sites and free stuffs on the internet like e books , games , music etc.  , but as there is nothing as a free lunch , we need to provide your email address to these websites to receive the free stuffs in our mail . Most of these sites are not trustworthy . and the main intention behind giving away free stuffs is just an method of harvesting email address...

How to Convert Webp Images into other Formats and Vice versa


Recently i stumbled upon the new webp ( pronounced “weppy” ) file format introduced by Google on the Google play store . The new webp image format  provides lossless and lossy compression for images on the web. Right now Google and only a few other sites are using the webp format for all their image contents . Major operating systems like windows , Mac and image editing softwares like...

Book your Jet Airways Flight Ticket from an Android phone


Another great news for frequent airline travelers . Jet airways has now launched its official android app on the Google play store . thus becoming the second airlines in India to offer a android app after Indigo Airlines . Travellers will now be able to login into the Jet airlines Android app using their existing jet privilege accounts or signing up for a new one . The Jet airways app will offers...

Dell Giveaway : Download Windows 8 for Dummies eBook for Free


Dell in partnership with Microsoft and John Wiley and Sons is giving away a free PDF eBook of Windows 8 for Dummies as a free download . Microsoft Windows is the operating system that runs nearly 90 percent of the world’s computers. Windows 8 will offer new interface updates, cloud-based services, and much more. If you are planning to install windows 8 or if you are already using it then...

How to Install Google Web Fonts on your PC


Google Web fonts is an amazing and vast collection of 400+ open source fonts by Google . These fonts can be a great resource for most designers and developers . All of the fonts in Google web font’s collection are free to download . They can be used to replace the default standard and monotonous fonts on your PC . Google offers these fonts under a Open Source font license which allows these...

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