How to Schedule a Automatic Shutdown on Your Windows Computer


Downloading large files on a computer may take a lot of time depending upon your Internet connections speed and so does rendering 3D files . Most people have no other option rather than keeping their computers on until the processes complete . But think about when you are out of your house or sleeping . Even if the download is completed your computer will still be on and consuming electricity .This can be a huge wastage of electricity and will surely burn a hole in your pocket when the electricity bill arrives .

There is an easy solution to that . you can use some of these free softwares below to schedule an automatic shutdown on your windows computer .

Simple Shutdown Timer is a simple and no frills attached shutdown timer for your windows PC. Just enter the time period after which you want to be shut down and your computer will initiate a shutdown exactly after the given time period expires . This is really useful if you know exactly how much time is left for the downloads to complete .  You can even use this program to schedule your computer to restart, hibernate , log off or sleep after a given time period .

Simple shutdown timer

AMP WinOFF : If you are an advanced windows user , you might want to try out AMP WinOFF to Schedule an automatic shutdown on your windows computer . it is fully configurable and has a lot of options .You can set the program to initiate an automatic shutdown based on conditions like activity of the user , network data transfer , CPU load and even a combination these conditions .

amp winoff
Amp WinOFF

This is everything that you might need to schedule a shutdown in this program : here is how we can use the AMP WinOFF to schedule a shutdown .

Method 1: If you want your computer to shut down once the downloads are completed , you can set a condition with network transfer to initiate a shutdown when the network data transfer is 0 for a specific time period , lets say for 10 minutes . If there is no network data transfer for 10 minutes the program will initiate an automatic shutdown .

Method 2: Similarly if you are setting up a render on your computer , you can set the CPU load condition to be less than 5 % , which is the average CPU load while the computer is idle . When your rendering process completes , the CPU load will drop below 5% from an average of 99% and the program will initiate a shutdown . To make sure no programs interfere with the shutdown process it’s always better to enable force shutdown .

These two are from my experience , depending on your requirements you can configure WinOFF and schedule a shutdown . Do try out these programs on your windows computer and do let us know of any similar programs you use .

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