f.lux : Application to Protect Your Eyesight on Windows, Linux and iOS Devices



Do you have to work long hours in front of your computer’s screen ? this might not a good thing for your eyes in the long run . We understand that most people working on computers have no way other than dealing with it . But If you work for long hours in front of a computer screen , your eyesight is at risk here . staring at the monitor for the whole day can cause a lot of strain in your eyes and even eye fatigue .There are many ways by which you can minimize the strain on your eyes while working on your computer for a longer time period . Just as you can follow these simple exercises like :

Looking Away from your screen after every 15 to 20 minutes for 30 seconds or decreasing the brightness of your monitors screen according to day or night . But we have a better solution for saving your eyesight .If you are running windows on your computer then we have got a great application that can help to minimize the strain on your eyes . Further the application also helps to get a better sleep .

flux iconF.lux is a handy little application that makes the color of your computer’s display adapt to the time of day . During the day it makes your monitors color as bright as the sun and during the night its turns it into warm colors .  The application automatically detects your location and adjusts your monitors screen according to a set of predetermined color temperature that soothes your eyes .

All you need to do is install the f.lux application and setup details about your location and what kind of lighting you have  . f.lux will then automatically find out the best color settings for your monitor’s screen according to your location . If you need to do some color sensitive work then you can disable f.lux for one hour .



f.lux is available for Windows , Mac , Linux and even for Android and ios phones . I did try this amazing app and it make working in front of my computers screen a lot easier . You can download f.lux from their official page over here .

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