f.lux : Application to Protect Your Eyesight on Windows, Linux and iOS Devices


Do you have to work long hours in front of your computer’s screen ? this might not a good thing for your eyes in the long run . We understand that most people working on computers have no way other than dealing with it . But If you work for long hours in front of a computer screen , your eyesight is at risk here . staring at the monitor for the whole day can cause a lot of strain in your eyes and...

Google Announces Next Version of Android 4.4 to be Called as KitKat


You would be surprised to know that the next version of Android will be Android 4.4 , Kitkat , Instead of the much rumored Android 5.0 , Key Lime Pie . Google’s Sundar pichai , Chief of both Android and Chrome has confirmed this announcement by sharing it on his Twitter and Google+ accounts . Google has now erected a giant Kitkat statue at their head office premises , which seems to confirm the...

Essential and Must Have Apps for Every New Android Phone | September 2013


Got a new android phone ? I am glad to welcome to the android family . Its time that you should install some apps on your new android phone . The most definite source for free and paid would be the Google app store . But the Google play store now has over 600,000 apps for android phones . Its sure is a huge list of apps to go through and again there are multiple apps for everything on the Google...

Encipher it : Encrypt Your Emails and Messages in Google Chrome


The latest PRISM scandal has revealed a lot about the threats to our privacy online . If you are using Facebook , Gmail or any other free services . Chances are there that your private data is being spied upon without your knowledge by the NSA . Just after the exposure of PRISM , secure and private search engines like DuckDuckGo saw a more than 50 percent  increase in traffic . This really shows...

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom With 16MP sensor ,10x Optical Zoom Appears In Live Pictures


There were many rumors on the internet about Samsung Galaxy S4 camera after it was submitted for certification with the Bluetooth SIG group with a model number SM-C101 . Popular android blog Sammobile has received an anonymous tip with the first live pictures of the Galaxy S4 zoom camera . The galaxy S4 camera is basically a Galaxy s4 with a 16MP sensor camera with 10x optical zoom , Which is a...

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