Essential and Must Have Apps for Every New Android Phone | September 2013


essential and must have apps for every new android phone

Got a new android phone ? I am glad to welcome to the android family . Its time that you should install some apps on your new android phone . The most definite source for free and paid would be the Google app store . But the Google play store now has over 600,000 apps for android phones . Its sure is a huge list of apps to go through and again there are multiple apps for everything on the Google app store . Finding yourself a perfect app for your new android phone will surely get you lost , unless you know the which apps to choose .

Essential and Must have apps for every new Android phones

Don’t worry , i have been using android phones for a while . Let me show you some of the must have and essential apps i have been using for a long time . You can download these apps on your new android phone and enjoy your new android phone . I have classified my list of must have apps according to their respective categories . All these android apps are free to download from the Google play app store .

Media and video :

mxplayerMXplayer : When it comes to watching movies and videos on you phone , MXplayer is all you need have on your new android phone . Its like VLC player for windows , throw any video format on it and it will play them without any hiccups .With MXplayer you can Connect your android phone to a network and stream any video files from the devices in your network . MXplayer also has support for hardware and software decoding of video files while utilities the graphic processor on your android phone and helps to play high resolution videos smoothly . Mxplayer is always one of the  Must have apps on a new android phone .

Music and audio :

google play musicGoogle play music : The default music player on android phones does a good job playing music and audio files but if you need something good looking and with additional features , you can try out the Google play Music app on your new android phone . The Play music app allows you to purchase and store music online and can be streamed to your phone from anywhere . So no more worrying about storage space . You can also listen to radio on Google play Music without any limits . Apart from that the Google Play music app even has a widget that allows you to control your music library from the home screen itself . Google play music is always one of the  Must have apps on a new android phone .

Anti-theft app :

Android device manager :

Android device manager

The Android device manager was launched recently by Google to address the issue of misplaced or lost android phones . The android device manager is automatically being updated on all android phones through a new Google play update . With the new Android device manager now you can track your misplaced or stolen android phone in real time , provided your phones is connected to an internet source . If you have misplaced your android phone anywhere in your home , you can use the Android device manager to ring your phone at the highest volume , even when your phone is in silent mode . The android device manager can also be used to wipe out all the data completely from a stolen Android phone , which can be very useful in case of your phone is unrecoverable . We hope you don’t have to face a situation like this ever . Android device manager is always one of the  Must have apps on a new android phone .

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android lostAndroid lost : Incase you phone has not been updated with the Android device manager , you can use Android lost . Android lost is another alternative to Android device manager . Android lost uses google’s infrastructure to provide all the same features as Android device manage and even more . In fact i would advise you to install this app alongside the android device manager and use it as a backup . Androidlost is always one of the  Must have apps on a new android phone .

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Photography app :

instagramInstagram : when it comes to taking great pictures nothing can beat instagram . The truth is instagram doesn’t take great pictures , its just a bunch of filters that  make your photos look interesting . It’s always the one holding the phone who takes the great pictures . Instagram is still the most popular photography app on Android phones . It has a great community and even provides a scope to become famous . Instagram is always one of the  Must have apps on a new android phone .

Image editing apps :

pixlr expressPixlr express : I don’t do much image editing on my android phone . but when i’m on the move and have my phone with me , i always use Pixlr express . it does a good job for most basic image editing needs like cropping ,adjusting colors , adding text and a lot more . There are lots of other image editing apps on the play store but Pixlr express is my pick from the lot .  Pixlr express  is always one of the  Must have apps on a new android phone .

Fitness app :

runkeeperRunkeeper : This here is one of the most interesting app on the Play store , I have to admit that , it was Runkeeper that got me to get early and take to jogging every day . Runkeeper is like a personal trainer . It enables you to keep a track of how much distance you run everyday and even estimates the calories burnt accordingly but Runkeeper requires continuous use of GPS which may drain your phone’s battery faster . So on an average using Runkeeper you can have a jogging session over a span of 4-5 hours till your battery drains out completely .  Runkeeper is always one of the  Must have apps on a new android phone .

Social networking apps :

facebookFacebook for android : I don’t think i need to remind you about this app . If you’re a regular facebook user then you can get this app on your new android phone and enjoy facebook on the move .  Facebook for android is always one of the  Must have apps on a new android phone . Additionally you can even download the Facebook messenger on your new android phone to chat with your friends .


Twitter for Android : Theres an official app for twitter on the Android app store . Download the twitter app and send tweets to your friends on the move .


Instant messaging Apps :

whatsappWhatsapp : If you are looking for a app to send message for free , then you must install Whatsapp on your new android phone . Whatsapp is one of the most downloaded app on the Play store . Whatsapp allows users to send unlimited free messages to any phone having whatsapp installed . Apart from messages , it also allows sending pictures , videos and other files .  Whatsapp is always one of the  Must have apps on a new android phone .

hangoutGoogle+ Hangouts : The Google talk app has now been replace by the new Hangout app . It can do everything that Google talk could do plus with the integration of some new Google+ features like one to one video chats and even with a group . If you like to have video chats , then do get this app on your new android phone .

Web browsers :

opera miniOpera mini : I consider Opera mini as one of the best android web browsers . Not only for android but for all phones and devices . If you have a slow data connection or a data connection with monthly limits , then the Opera mini web browser is what you need . When  you use opera mini , the browser automatically converts all the websites to fit your phone’s screen and reduces the webpage’s size  . Most of the work here is done by a host of servers that do the actual job of compressing websites and sending it to the Opera mini browser . In Fact opera mini can be termed as the fastest web browser .  Opera mini is always one of the  Must have apps on a new android phone .

chromeGoogle Chrome for android : The stock android browser might differ across various android phones . For browsing the internet on my Android phone  , I prefer the Chrome for android web browser . The most important reason being that the Chrome browser on android allows you to sync your bookmarks from your pc . All you need is to sign in into Chrome using your Gmail id . Further it allows websites to be opened in tabs and even features like auto fill . If you’re using chrome on your computer then you must have the chrome app on your new android phone .

File manager :

astro file managerAstro file manager : All android phones have a default file manager but they are very basic . If you like to have additional control over exploring your phone’s storage then you should get the Astro file manager for your new android phone .Astro file manager is much advanced than the default file manager on android phones . With the Astro file manager you can expect similar functions like windows explorer , which includes viewing and hiding all the hidden files from the phone itself . By all means you should install the Astro file manager on your android phone .  Definitely one of the  Must have apps on a new android phone .

File security :

file hide proFile hide pro : Everybody has a something private that they want to hide it from everyone . It can be guilty pleasure like an embarrassing picture of you and your friends or anything similar . you want to keep them on your phone but at the same time you want to hide them from few others . for this you need to take the help of File hide pro . File hide pro is an android app to hide files and folders on your android phone . Once hidden with file hide pro your files will not be visible anywhere else , including computers and laptops . The most interesting feature of this app will be the ability to disguise itself in an “ tip calculator “ app . a small and innovative feature to keep your private data safe from prying eyes . Another  Must have app on a new android phone .

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app lockApp lock : there are a lot of apps on my phone that i don’t like to be opened by other people . take Gmail as an example , nobody would want their mails to be read by someone else . If you need to restrict apps like these from others then you can use a free app called App lock that enables you to lock any app on your android phones with a password . So even you are not not around your phone , nobody can have access to your private data . App lock is surely another must have app for every new Android phone .

These were my list of the must have apps on any new android phone . While the list is not complete , i will add more apps to this list as i keep on trying out new apps from the Google play store . If you have any suggestions then feel free to express them in the comments below .

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