File hide pro : Hide your personal files on a android device


File hide pro is a free android application to hide files and folders in your android device . The app was developed by android developer Emily smith .  It is a very powerful and useful android application for hiding personal data stored on your android device .

The interface of this app is very simple , It has a list view showing the hidden files and has a option to hide and the file and another option to delete the file from its list . By installing this application you can hide any of your personal files like picture, videos ,audio, documents ..etc or folders in your device .

The hidden files and folders will disappear from your galleries and file manages in seconds and will not reappear until you unhide them again , Similarly once you hide the files and folders . they will remain hidden and cannot be accessed  from any other devices like PC’s , Laptops and other devices until you unhide them from the app itself .

Tip calculator disguise for file hide pro    Filehidepro

filehidepro oprtions    File hide pro interface

This app has a option to disguise itself as a fully functional Tip calculator  , with this feature enabled your personal data is safe from prying eyes . Additionally a password protection option has been provided to further secure your data .

Here are a few good things about this app :

  • App can be disguised as a fully functional Tip Calculator.
  • Hide any file(Pictures, Audios, Videos and etc.) or folder.
  • Hidden Pictures and Videos will disappear from your gallery and video player IMMEDIATELY after you hide them and will appear again once you unhide them.
  • Fast and reliable. Hide folders in seconds.
  • Clean,smooth and intuitive UI to help you easily hide files and folders.
  • Easy to manage all the hidden items and toggle the status between hidden and unhidden.
  • Password protection to ensure your privacy.

File hide pro is small 448KB download from the Google play store and it supports android devices running android 2.1 and up .
If you have disguised File hide pro as a Tip calculator , you can access this app by long pressing the Tip calculators apps title for more than 1 second . Install the application on your mobile and do share your view with us .

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