H_IDE by Watch Dogs : App to Encrypt Pictures, Text and Voice Messages


Game companies always come out with interesting marketing ideas to promote their upcoming games . Following this trend ,  Ubisoft has taken a slightly different course for promoting their latest game Watch Dogs . Ubisoft has released a new app called H_IDE ( HIDE ) to promote its upcoming game Watch Dogs . An app for promoting Games ? though games likes Battlefield 4 and Call of duty : Ghosts have an app for Android and iOS to assist gamers in the multiplayer mode . But in case of Watch Dogs the app doesn’t help in anyway inside the game . the H_IDE app is just a fun app . Lets check out what the H_IDE app does .

Any guesses what this app does ? well you would have known about this from the headline itself . The H_IDE app allows you to encrypt and send picture , voice and text messages through your phone .

hide by ubisoft

Its a fun way to send a private message to your friends . You can send picture , text or voice messages through this app . Once you compose your message , you can encrypt your message on your phone and send it to your friends through SMS or MMS or even post it on your Facebook page . If you are sending a voice message, you can use any of the two voice filters to give a Sci-Fi feeling to your voice message , as you have seen in Sci-FI movies .  In order to decrypt the message your friend needs to have the app installed on his phone .

Screenshot_2013-08-31-19-32-41  Screenshot_2013-08-31-19-32-56

Features :

  • VOICE“: Send vocal messages with voice filters, so nobody can recognize you.
  • MESSAGE“: Share encrypted pictures and text messages on Facebook and Twitter to stay anonymous.
  • DECRYPT“: Decrypt pictures and text messages that have been encrypted by other H_IDE by Watch_Dogs users.
  • H_IDENTITY“: Your member identity card, showcasing your ranking among the hackers of the community, and where you can unlock exclusive Watch_Dogs goodies.
  • H_IDE STORE“: Dreaming of being a hacker like Aiden Pearce? You should find what you need in the H_IDE Store
Go ahead and send a encrypted message to your friends with HIDE ,  and have fun .  Watchdogs is slated for release later this year on September 19 . The game will release simultaneously on PC , PS3 , Xbox and the Next-Gen Xbox One and PS4 consoles . And as the Ubisoft  has to say  ,With H_IDE by Watch_Dogs, disappear from the network and keep your personal communications off the radar! .
The H_IDE app is available for all Android and iOS devices . You can download them below :


Download on Google play      Download on App store

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