Dell Giveaway : Download Windows 8 for Dummies eBook for Free


Dell in partnership with Microsoft and John Wiley and Sons is giving away a free PDF eBook of Windows 8 for Dummies as a free download . Microsoft Windows is the operating system that runs nearly 90 percent of the world’s computers. Windows 8 will offer new interface updates, cloud-based services, and much more. If you are planning to install windows 8 or if you are already using it then...

H_IDE by Watch Dogs : App to Encrypt Pictures, Text and Voice Messages


Game companies always come out with interesting marketing ideas to promote their upcoming games . Following this trend ,  Ubisoft has taken a slightly different course for promoting their latest game Watch Dogs . Ubisoft has released a new app called H_IDE ( HIDE ) to promote its upcoming game Watch Dogs . An app for promoting Games ? though games likes Battlefield 4 and Call of duty : Ghosts...

How to Take a Screenshot on an Android Phone


We all love customizing our cell phones and showing them off to our friends . Today lets find out how we can capture a screenshot of our android phone’s screen and share it with our friends . Fortunately most Android phones running Android 4.0 and later have an inbuilt feature to take screenshots . These methods differs across all the android versions and even for different manufacturers ...

How to Install Google Web Fonts on your PC


Google Web fonts is an amazing and vast collection of 400+ open source fonts by Google . These fonts can be a great resource for most designers and developers . All of the fonts in Google web font’s collection are free to download . They can be used to replace the default standard and monotonous fonts on your PC . Google offers these fonts under a Open Source font license which allows these...

Call of Duty : Ghosts Multiplayer Trailer Revealed, Playable Female Character Introduced


Activision has revealed the new Multiplayer trailer for its forthcoming Call of Duty : Ghosts game , in a live event which was streamed online . Like before Activision has teamed up with Rap Singer Eminem for the trailers background music . Eminem has released an exclusive new single for the trailer named “ Survival “ . The new Multiplayer trailer for Call of Duty : Ghosts brings in a female...

Mozilla launches phone running Firefox OS


Mozilla has released a new smartphone running Firefox OS in spain . The ZTE Open and Alcatel One Touch Fire are very basic phones with 3.5-inch screens, entry level specs and an appealing price point. The ZTE open will start retailing in spain  from July 2 for 69 euros, or about $90. Mozilla is trying to tap into the mobile market by playing with the industry leaders like Samsung and apple as...

NeverWet : A Magical Spray That Waterproofs Everything


Now here is a magical spray that waterproofs everything . you can spray the silicon-based spray onto anything like shoes , fabric , books , metals and almost on any other surface and the material becomes completely resistant to water . Rust-oleum’s liquid-repelling product , NeverWet was demonstrated in a YouTube video about a year ago . The video went viral instantly and was viewed about 4.8...

Use google to find out about Uttarakhand flood victims


India is witnessing one of the most terrible tragedies to happen so far in its history . Thousands of persons are missing and dead while many are stranded  due to the flash floods in Uttarakhand . Rescue operations are being carried out by army personal in the flood affected areas of Uttarakhand . Due to bad weather conditions there has been many hindrances to army rescue operations . Internet...

Battlefield 4: Official Frostbite 3 Feature Video


Battlefield 4 has been a top contender in the E3 this year . While gamers cant wait to get their hands on the game . Dice has released the official frostbite 3 feature video with developer commentary . Personally i love the extensive destructive environment in Battlefield 4 and the newly introduced Levolution concept . Watch the video and get to know what the new Official frostbite  engine has to...

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