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Mobile spy keylogger for Android has become important for some emerging reasons. Especially for the parents who need to keep an eye on their children’s activities on the internet to ensure that they do not get spoiled or exposed to malicious content. 

The technology has developed too much, and thus, parents need to ensure safe internet surfing of their kids. Otherwise, there are a lot of unprotected sources on the internet. 

To track the staff and check their certain activities during the working hours, a keylogger is also effective, so it is becoming so popular nowadays. 

A mobile spy keylogger for Android is used to spy on others. It allows people to track information, collect text messages and call records, and know everything they do on their smartphones. 

A perfect mobile spy keylogger for Android is Hoverwatch, which can help anyone track their loved one’s smartphones without any efforts. So let’s have a keen look and review the Hoverwatch. 

What is Mobile Spy Keylogger for Android?

The keylogger is used to keep an eye on someone’s smartphone secretly. It is used for multiple purposes, such as keeping an eye on the staff’s and children’s activities. People can use it to spy on their loved ones too. 

With such an application, one can easily collect text messages, media files, social media accounts information, etc. Keyloggers allow the users to get complete access to the target cell phone so easily. 

Why do People want to control their loved ones?

People want to keep and eye on what their loved ones are doing when they are not around. In case it’s their spouse, they want to know if they are cheating on them. 

For this purpose, they install a mobile spy keylogger for Android and start keeping an eye on their loved ones’ activities. 

It is human psychology that one gets jealous if their partner talks to someone else. So, for these keyloggers are installed. 

When it comes to the children, all parents want to keep them safe from any illegal activity. They install keyloggers to stay aware of their children’s activities. 

The goal to protect children from adult websites and ensure their safe internet usage requires a mobile spy keylogger for Android, which parents find useful. 

What is Hoverwatch?

Hoverwatch is a mobile spy keylogger for android smartphones through which users can track almost everything from someone’s phone. 

It has a hidden phone tracker feature through which one can track call history, text messages, record audio and video (with access to camera), and all the person’s social media platforms being tracked. 

Pros and Cons

With excellent features and reasonable pricing packages, Hoverwatch is a useful application if used for legal objectives. Here are the complete pros and consvof this application, which everyone should know. 


Call Recordings

Anyone whose phone is being tracked, all types of calls will be recorded. One can easily get the complete call recordings with the help of this spying application. 

Track Internet History

This application also enables the search history tracking through which one can check the browser history. 

It is a beneficial way to find out what target person is searching on the internet. This feature is brilliant if someone has kids to spy on. 

Front Camera Access

It is one brilliant mobile spy keylogger for Android phones because it provides access to the front camera. It means that all the video calls can be recorded, plus the selfie of the tracked smartphone users can also be clicked. 

Sim Card Change Detection

If the tracked person changes the sim card, the Hoverwatch user will be updated about it. There is nothing which one could hide from this mastermind spy application. 

Social Media Accounts Access

This application also provides easy access to social media accounts. One can track their passwords too and steal them with this application. 

WhatsApp and Viber Chat Access

This mobile spy keylogger for Android also keeps an eye on the WhatsApp and Viber text messages. It means this application can help anyone get access to the personal messages of the target smartphone. 

Track Location

With the help of this spy application, one can also track the target person’s exact location. 


Not Available for iPhone users 

This software is not available for iPhone users. This application only works for Android users, so; it’s a drawback that it does not support iOS. 

Only Direct Installation

This application is only available for direct installation. One cannot do the remote installation of this software. It only allows for the direct installation of the smartphone. 

What is Needed to Install this Application?

To Install this application, the users must have an Android phone and a credit card to pay for a certain package. Then by simply installing and setting up the application, users can start tracking the target person’s data. 


Using Hoverwatch for spying on children is completely legal. If someone uses it to spy on their employees, then they should be informed about it. If this application is used for a legal purpose without offending anyone, then it’s completely legal. 


The price packages are different for the requirements of users accordingly. Personal, business and professional packages start from $8.33, $3.33, and $1.67. 

PlanPersonal PlanProfessional/Family PlanBusiness Plan
Devices1 Device5 Devices25 Devices
1 month$24.95 $49.95 $149.95 
3 month$59.95 $99.95 $299.95 
1 year$99.95 $199.95 $499.95 

The prices are quite reasonable and effective for everyone’s usage. It seems that Hoverwatch is the perfect solution for people needing to track someone’s smartphone at any scale. 


Hoverwatch is a great choice for someone who needs to note either their kids or the employees’ activities. It is one of the reliable mobile spy keyloggers for Android that anyone needs for useful purposes. 

This application is much effective as its features are impressive and promising. This application is as important as others, and everyone should make its positive use. Every app or software is neutral; its usage makes it good or bad. 

It is affordable and an efficient application. Purchasing one of these mobile spy keylogger packages for the Android app Hoverwatch won’t be regretful. 

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