How to Turn Off Ads in uTorrent


When it comes to downloading torrents, uTorrent was undoubtedly one of the best torrent program available for the public but unfortunately this changed as soon as the developers of uTorrent decided to display advertisements in the popular torrent client. This was definitely a bad move and it led to the decrease in uTorrents’s popularity as well as its user base.
The ultra light size of uTorrent made it very easy to download and install it and adding to that the ability to tweak the client in order to achieve the best download speeds made it a favorite among all the popular torrent clients available.
Well, something like this was inevitable as the developers needed a steady revenue source. However the good thing is no adult ads are displayed in the client. Generally the ads would no way interfere with your uTorrent usage but if you find them annoying and would prefer to turn the ads off, its very easy.
Here’s how you can turn off or disable the ads in uTorrent.

How to Turn Off Ads in uTorrent

  • Step 1: Open uTorrent and navigate to Options > Preferences.


  • Step 2: Click on Advanced and type in “offers” in the filters input box.


  • Step 3: Browse to the bottom of the options displayed and change the value of the following items to false. Finally click on OK to save the changes.

Note: be careful of what you are editing as the options may be named slightly different depending on what version of uTorrent you are using.

  • Step 4: Restart uTorrent and voila!, the ads should be gone now.


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