Easily turn your PC / Laptop into a WiFi Hotspot without using any Software


Laptops usually come with the WiFi hardware built into them and they can connect to an WiFi network out of the box.  In case of PC’s, you will have to purchase a separate WiFi dongle and install it in order to connect to a WiFi network. WiFi hardware can be used to connect to WiFi networks, but in order to create a WiFi network you will always need the help of third party tools such as Connectify.
Like most popular software, Connectify was once a freeware and disappointingly the developers decided to put a price tag on it. Connectify still has a free version available, but there are many restrictions on it.
Fortunately, Software such as Connectify are just a secondary method of creating WiFi HotSpots for sharing a PC’s or Laptop’s internet connection. The primary method of creating WiFi HotSpots is very simple but it requires the use of the command prompt on windows.
For those who want to create a WiFi HotSpot without the need of any third party tools or software, the instructions below will guide you through the process.
Note: You will need to have a WiFi dongle or card installed on your PC in order to host a WiFi Hostspot.

How to turn a PC or Laptop into a WiFi HotSpot

  • Step 1: Open the Command prompt with Administrator rights.
  • Step 2: Type in the following command

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=HotSpot key=12345678

Here ” HotSpot ” will be the name of the WiFi HotSpot you are going to create. You can change it to any other name of your choice.
Similarly the Key value i.e. “ 12345678 ” is the password to connect to the WiFi HotSpot, you can also change this to any value of your choice.

  • Step 3: Next type

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

The result should look like this.
use command prompt to create wifi hotspot for free

  • Step 4: Next you will have to Network and sharing center in Control panel and right click on your main network and select properties. i.e the network that you are using to access the internet.

network and sharing center

  • Step 5: Finally click on the sharing tab and check ” allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connect

allow other networks to connect throguh this computer's internet connection
Thats it now you can search for the WiFi HotSpot from any WiFi enabled device and connect to it with the password key set by you.
Source: Reddit.YSK

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