Unchecky Prevents Programs From Installing Additional Unwanted Software on Windows


Are you ready to give up your privacy for a free software? definitely I will expect the answer to be be a strict No. As a general fact, nothing in this world comes for free. The same is the case with free software and programs. As you would have noticed, when you install a free software, the installer might as well recommend you to install a few other unwanted programs. These unwanted software are a source of revenue for the free programs and on the other hand a threat to your privacy.

These unwanted programs are not something you would like to install on your computer, even if you get them for free. The main reason being, most of these unwanted programs consist of browser toolbar, Homepage redirects and other similar programs which pose as a major threat to your privacy.

If you are installing a free software, you need to be careful about what options are you selecting. Generally most software installers will automatically select any additional software that comes bundled with them. It is necessary for you to uncheck these additional software manually. In case you prefer to fast forward the installation process or you are short of time, here is a free software that will help you out with unchecking unwanted software recommendations while installing a program in windows.

Unckecky, as the name suggests is a free windows tool, that once installed, will automatically uncheck recommendations and offers for installing any unwanted programs that come bundled with the free software and tools. Additionally unchecky even alerts you when a program tries to sneak in additional unwanted programs without your knowledge.


Once you install Unchecky on your windows computer, you don’t need to worry about unchecking any unwanted programs ever again. Even if you fail to uncheck any unwanted program manually, Unchecky will automatically uncheck it for you. In case an installer tries to sneak in additional software as a natural part of the installation, Unchecky will alert you about it too.


I installed Unchecky on my computer and then installed a few free software that bundled additional unwanted programs. Turns out the program works perfectly. Even if i allowed any unwanted programs to be installed, Unchecky would automatically uncheck it.  Although at this moment Unchecky may not support all software installers but it is definitely a must have tool for anyone who likes to try out a lot of free software.

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